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Stirling Ultracold ULT25NEU

The only portable ultra freezer on the market

The ULT25NEU is the only truly portable ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer available at present for transporting samples while keeping the cold chain to remote locations.


Able to preserve and administer biological medicinal products safely and at the clinical point of patient care, anywhere in the world.

Amazing capacity

The ULT25NEU has capacity for 18x 2 inch boxes in a light and portable size, possible thanks to our innovative ULT technology.


Able to collect temperature-sensitive samples and specimens at remote clinical trials.

Temperature range

Samples stored securely in a range from -20ºC to -86ºC.

Viability of biological material

Easy implementation of biologically viable materials into long-term storage, anywhere where there is a power supply.

Plug it in anywhere

The ULT125NEU can be plugged into any 100 V to 240 V socket, anywhere in the world, and it can even operate with a 12 V DC power supply with a car adapter.

Light and easy to transport

Weighing only 21 kg, the ULT25NEU can be sent easily and economically to any part of the world.

Ultra-low power consumption

Designed for space and energy efficiency, the ULT25NEU uses less than 2.8 kWh / day at -80ºC.

Transport solution in ultra-low temperatures

The revolutionary ULT25NEU was designed to address the limitations of dry ice and the low reliability of equipment without compressor. With its piston free Stirling engine, compact and tested in the field, it provides portable and controlled ULT storage with accuracy, anywhere where patient care, sample tests or collection is required.

Designed for the new era of medicine

Designed to be portable and reliable, the ULT25NEU is ideal for suppliers of regenerative, cellular, genetic and immunotherapy medicines that require secure and long-term storage of temperature-sensitive treatments in multiple, remote clinical settings.