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Hospital medical


EVA Bags

¿What are the EVA Bags?

Oxygen and light are the main factors affecting the stability and degradation of the components of parenteral nutrition and certain drugs. This is why it is important to prepare the different formulations in suitable containers to ensure their correct preservation.

EVA bags are sterile, single-use medical devices that are used for the preparation, preservation and administration of parenteral solutions.

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) is the ideal polymer to regulate the biochemical reactions that occur inside parenteral nutrition bags and other formulations, generating a controlled atmosphere that helps preserve the formulation.

Bags for parenteral nutrition

  • From 150 to 3500ml
  • Sterile
  • Single-layer
  • Single-layer with UV photoprotection
  • Multi-layer
  • Upper and lower lines
  • It includes an additional connection point, safety lock for the filling line and a membrane connecting it to the administration equipment.

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Available volumes

Bags for parenteral nutrition

      • 150 ml
      • 250 ml
      • 500 ml
      • 1.000 ml
      • 1.500 ml
      • 2.000 ml
      • 3.000 ml
      • 3.500 ml

Bags for parenteral medication and other solutions

    • 50 ml
    • 150 ml
    • 250 ml
    • 500 ml
    • 1.000 ml


Single-layer vs Multi-layer

The multi-layer material has 5 layers as shown in the diagram.

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