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Ozone therapy

Bexozone autohemotherapy set

Set comprising one single element, which enables blood to be autotransfused in a totally aseptic manner, in treatments using ozone.

It is made up of:

  • A containing chamber with a 200mc ozone-compatible filter.
  • Upper 2-way line.
  • Lower line comprising one or two ways, depending on the version being used.
  • It includes additional connection points.

Bexozone is made of medical-grade materials that are fully compatible with ozone. Its design improves the procedure"s asepsis conditions and, on a functional level, it includes additional connection points, thus making its medical-clinical use even safer.

The recommended therapeutic application of this Set is for Major Autohemotherapy, meaning the treatment of different pathologies by means of the AUTO BLOOD TRANSFUSION by gravity of a volume of approximately 150 ml of blood pre-treated with ozone (approx. 200-250 ml) for 1 minute in the containing chamber and its re-infusion back to the patient.

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